Don’t worry. We’ll fix it in post.

There's some truth to that, but it goes beyond fixing problems. In today's cluttered marketplace of messages and formats (think streaming video, broadcast, DVDs, social media) it's all about telling your story in the most effective way, using the best tools for the job.

We routinely convert electronic media from one format to another to ensure that your program, your idea, your message is accessible across multiple platforms -- on the air, in the cloud, distributed, or preserved on disc or HDD.

Let’s Talk About the Minimum Wage

This short video, part of a social media campaign, gave voice to wage-earners, CEOs, and small business owners who supported the initiative to raise the federal minimum wage.

Interactive Training

This video clip was converted from a custom-made html program app. OPPIX designed and produced this app to train investigators who monitor housing provided for seasonal and migrant workers in the agricultural sector.

White-board Animation

Cultivating Compliance is a short informational video created to help growers understand agricultural labor laws that protect American and guest workers. OPPIX shot the footage in New York and North Carolina.

Video Training, Investigative Skills

This excerpt is from a set of four training videos that used non-professional talent and After Effects graphics to create a more realistic simulation.